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hey! I am officially on semi-hiatus, due to school. & i'll be away on April 21-23rd, I'll be attending LOE:LA ^__^)/♥ i'd love to meet you ;D
D-3: LOE L.A
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technically…all I really need are these +camera +gift 😛 #butnoihavehellastuff #bap

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"Don’t forget that you’re more important and special than anyone else. Also, you definitely have the right to receive love, and the way you love is beautiful. I love you today as well." - Himchan

Dear Kim Himchan;

I wish you a happy birthday and a really, really happy life. I can honestly say that you’re one of the best things I’ve ever known and I want to thank you for always brightening up our world. I do believe you’re going through hardships as every idol does, but it is amazing how you’re always positive. You make me want to be a better person. You’re the most loving person I’ve ever seen and the way you love is the most beautiful. Don’t forget that you’re the most special, and I hope you keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours and make all the bad things disappear. I love you. We love you. Happy birthday. ♥

SPY // B.A.P Live On Earth Dallas 4.16.14

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